The following units are in our BoneYard which is available as a source of used parts. These units qualified for 'BoneYard' status due to non-functionality as a complete unit. In most cases, items are here becuase of cosmetic problems such as broken plastic pieces or even missing pieces. All electronic parts removed from the BoneYard will be tested before shipping. The cosmetic condition of non-electronic parts are very subjective and I will try to describe the condition as best as I can. We can also provide you with a picture before you finally decide if you want a particular cosmetic part. All parts are subject to availability and final electrical test.


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Part # DescriptionQty
BY-A-7Tube Amplifier
BY-AA-1214Solid State Stereo Amplifier
BY-AA-14Solid State Stereo Amplifier
BY-AA-21Transistor Stereo Amplifier
BY-AG-9AAudio Generator
BY-AJ-1214AM-FM Stereo Tuner
BY-AL-1700Accutrac by Heathkit Turntable
BY-AM-1Antenna Impedance Meter
BY-AM-2Reflected Power Meter
BY-AN-2016AM/FM DIgital Control Center
BY-AR-1302AM-FM Stereo Receiver
BY-AR-15AM-FM-Stereo Solid State Receiver
BY-AR-3Communications Type Reciever
BY-C-3Condenser Checker
BY-CRA-1000-1Stereo Power Amplifier
BY-DX-35Amateur Transmitter
BY-ET-1107Digital Alarm Clock
BY-ET-3100Electronic Design Experimenter
BY-ET-3200Digital Design Experimenter
BY-ET-3400Microprocessor Trainer
BY-GD-110Intercom Master Station
BY-GD-125Q Multiplier
BY-GD-1290Groundtrack VLF Metal Locator
BY-GD-1AGrid Dip Meter
BY-GD-1BGrid Dip Meter
BY-GD-77Home Protection Receiver
BY-GD-87Home Protection Smoke Detector
BY-GD-97Utility Transmitter
BY-GR-104Portable B&W 12
BY-GR-110Scanning Receiver
BY-GR-64Shortwave Receiver
BY-GR-81Economy SWL Radio
BY-GR-88VHF-FM Monitor Reciever
BY-GR-98Aircraft VHF Monitor Receiver
BY-HA-2012 Meter 10 Watt Power Amplifier
BY-HA-201A2-Meter FM Amplifier
BY-HD-10Electronic Keyer
BY-HD-11'Q' Multiplier
BY-HD-1410Electronic Keyer
BY-HD-1416Code Oscillator
BY-HD-15Hybrid Phone Patch
BY-HG-102 Meter Thru 80 Meter VFO
BY-HM-102RF Power Meter
BY-HM-10ATunnel Dipper
BY-HM-15Reflected Power Meter and SWR Bridge
BY-HM-2102VHF Wattmeter
BY-HN-31'Cantenna' Dummy RF Load
BY-HP-13DC Mobile Power Supply
BY-HP-23AC Power Supply