The following manuals are all 1st generation copies made directly from an original manual.  They are not copies of copies...  Most manuals are double sided 8 1/2 x 11.  Most illustrations and schematics are on 11 x 17 paper.  We currently do not offer .PDF or any other 'electronic' copies for sale. 

Manuals are graded by condition as follows:

Very Clean = Few or no marks from assembly
Clean = Typical marks from assembly
Usable = Rough, but readable (Probably a copy of a copy, but that's all that exists!)
Condensed = No "Step-by-step" Assembly


Part # DescriptionPriceConditionPagesQty 1 of 22 Pages
MAN-309CR.F. Probe 3.00Very Clean6
MAN-336High Voltage Probe 2.00Very Clean2
MAN-337Demodulator Probe 2.00Very Clean4
MAN-342Low Capacity Probe 2.00Very Clean4
MAN-355TV Picture Tube Test Adapter 2.00Clean4
MAN-A-4Amplifier 5.00Very Clean8
MAN-A-520 Watt Amplifier A-5 and A-5A 8.00Very Clean12
MAN-A-7B & CAudio Amplifier 5.00Clean20
MAN-A-9CHeathkit Audio Amplifier 8.00Very Clean24
MAN-AA-1Audio Analyzer 15.00Very Clean40
MAN-AA-10Basic Audio Amplifier 10.00Very Clean32
MAN-AA-100Stereo Amplifier 15.00Very Clean48
MAN-AA-11Stereo Preamplifier 18.00Clean64
MAN-AA-11128-Watt High Fidelity Stereo Amplifier 10.00Very Clean32
MAN-AA-1205Integrated Amplifier 27.00Very Clean150
MAN-AA-12180 Watt Amplifier 15.00Very Clean40
MAN-AA-1214Stereo Amplifier 18.00Very Clean68
MAN-AA-1219Stereo Amplifier 18.00Very Clean68
MAN-AA-13Amplifier 8.00Very Clean26
MAN-AA-131Preamplifier 10.00Very Clean32
MAN-AA-14Solid State Stereo Amplifier 15.00Very Clean40
MAN-AA-141High Fidelity Stereo Preamplifier 15.00Very Clean40
MAN-AA-141AHigh Fidelity Stereo Preamplifier 15.00Very Clean40
MAN-AA-15Solid-State Stereo Amplifier 27.00Very Clean132
MAN-AA-1505Basic Power Amplifier 2 X 35 Watt 20.00Very Clean88
MAN-AA-1506Basic Power Amplifier 2 X 60 Watt 20.00Very Clean88
MAN-AA-151Stereo Amplifier 10.00Very Clean34
MAN-AA-1515Integrated Stereo Amplifier 27.00Very Clean138
MAN-AA-1600Amplifier 20.00Very Clean70
MAN-AA-161Amplifier 10.00Very Clean30
MAN-AA-1640Basic Power Amplifier 30.00Very Clean170
MAN-AA-171Tape Recorder Electronics 18.00Very Clean66
MAN-AA-18Solid State Amplifier 8.00Very Clean23
MAN-AA-1800Stereo Power Amplifier 25.00Very Clean120
MAN-AA-181Amplifier 10.00Very Clean32
MAN-AA-1913 Watt Amplifier 10.00Very Clean30
MAN-AA-20044-Channel Amplifier 27.00Very Clean146
MAN-AA-20054-Channel Amplifier 25.00Very Clean100
MAN-AA-201Stereo Amplifier 15.00Very Clean40
MAN-AA-20104-Channel Amplifier 27.00Very Clean147
MAN-AA-21Transistor Stereo Amplifier 18.00Very Clean69
MAN-AA-22Transistor Stereo Amplifier 15.00Clean58
MAN-AA-23Amplifier 10.00Very Clean32
MAN-AA-2500Stereo Power Amplifier 15.00Very Clean46
MAN-AA-29NewProduct 27.00Very Clean130
MAN-AA-3014-Watt High Fidelity Stereo Amplifier 10.00Very Clean30
MAN-AA-31Public Address Amplifier 15.00Very Clean40
MAN-AA-32Stereo Amplifier 10.00Very Clean36
MAN-AA-40Basic Stereo Amplifier 15.00Very Clean40
MAN-AA-50Stereo Amplifier 15.00Very Clean48